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Waterproof Coating Manufacturers

What is Waterproof Coating?

Waterproofing is one of the most significant applications in any building. It makes any wall or building structure waterproof or water-resistant. Water infiltration in your building walls and roof can cause fungus infestation, leakage, mildew, and, in the worst-case scenario, structural failure. Waterproofing promotes the lifespan of various construction surfaces.


Applying a high-quality waterproof coating on buildings’ walls, pillars and roofs reduces humidity inside the home and minimizes damage caused by water exposure. Hence, building owners rely on experienced waterproof coating manufacturers to get superb quality hydrophobic coatings that adequately protect walls and roofs from water ingress. Polyuria is one of the strongest waterproofing chemicals used to waterproof concrete seams and surfaces.


Star shield paints is a leading manufacturer of paints and smart coatings designed to provide excellent protection and visual appeal to your home, factory, office, and warehouse. If you are looking for impeccable quality waterproofing paint, you have arrived at the right place. We have Star Rubber Shield that gives you absolute waterproofing. Being water-based and non-toxic with Low VOC content, the paint is extremely hydrophobic, giving you a permanent waterproofing solution to your building walls and roofs. 



Star Cool Shield-Walls works as Heat Reflective, Insulating and Waterproof coating. It keeps the surface cooler up to 18 degrees due to its Solar Reflective Index value (SRI). Its colors has potential to reflect excessive heat.

Chemicals and Products used for waterproofing:

  1. Vinyl ester resin: This chemical is particularly used on concrete surfaces to prevent the building from corrosion and acid damage. The resin makes waterproof membranes that protect against humidity and water damage.
  1. Grout and Epoxy: These compounds are made to be used in old, existing structures already in use and have developed cracks. These chemicals must be injected into the fractures or inserted onto the surface by drilling holes. A sealant is created, which results in the formation of a water-resistant barrier.
  1. Polyurethane: It is used to waterproof roofs and exposed locations. It is one of the most costly chemical waterproofing systems found in the market.
  1. Polyurea: Polyurea is noted for being water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and extremely robust, making it one of the most resilient and flexible protective coatings. Last but not least, it also contains anti-bacterial properties.
  1. Poly-acrylic: It is one of the most prevalent and exceptional qualities of waterproofing material used for concrete structures. This compound helps you protect your space from the perils of water leakage. This kind of waterproofing is done only by experts and highly trained professionals. In the last process, this compound is frequently blended with cement to close the crevices.
  1. Bituminous: Bituminous coatings, often known as asphalt coatings, are most effective for waterproofing concrete foundations. Its waterproofing qualities are determined by the polymer grade and the fiber content of the chemicals.

Different Methods of Waterproofing:

  1. Cement-Based Waterproofing Method: Traditional and easiest method of waterproofing in construction is the cement-based method of waterproofing. This technique is commonly employed in moist home spaces such as bathrooms and toilets. This approach is typically used for complete or semi-flexible waterproofing. Cement-based waterproofing materials are readily available in the market, and they are easy to mix and apply.

Cement-based waterproofing is mainly used in the following structures:

  • Water treatment plants
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • Railway and metro systems
  • Sea cargo port and docks
  • River lakes/canals and concrete dykes
  • Parking structures
  • Tunnels
  1. Bituminous Coating Waterproofing Method: The type of coating used for waterproofing and flexible protection as per the degree of formulation and polymerization. The polymer class, as well as the fiber reinforcement, can influence its flexibility and water resistance. Known as asphalt coating, its most common applications include areas under the screed, and it works quite well on concrete foundations.
  1. Liquid Waterproofing Membrane Method: The liquid waterproofing membrane method facilitates a thin coating of a primer coat and two layers of topcoat applied using a spray, trowel, or roller. It is more adaptable than cement-based waterproofing systems. As a result, it is being utilized more extensively nowadays. A spray-applied liquid membrane comprised of polymer-modified asphalt can be used as the liquid waterproofing membrane.
  1. Polyurethane Liquid Membrane Waterproofing Method: Your building’s roofs are the first to bear the burden of fluctuating weather and climates. This method of waterproofing is used for flat roof areas exposed to weather conditions and is a little expensive. Polyurethane is quite sensitive to humidity, so one needs to be very careful while evaluating the moisture content of the concrete slab before application otherwise, the membranes may peel off or bind over time.
  1. Bitumen Membrane Waterproofing Method: It is a popular method generally used on low slope roofs due to its proven performance. Other than the self-adhesive compounds like asphalt, polymer, and filler, a few other resins can also be added to boost the adhesion properties. Due to the deterioration of membrane adhesive properties over time, the self-adhesive form has a short shelf life.

How to Choose the Best Waterproofing Solution:

  1. Bonding Strength: Modern market is filled with different brands and types of waterproofing solutions. But choosing one that is best suited to your needs is a difficult task. The bonding strength is important because it guarantees that the solution adheres closely to the roof to offer good waterproofing.
  1. Durability: One of the oldest waterproofing methods, named Brickbat Coba, often fails to deliver sustainable results in the long run. It develops cracks quickly and finally allows water to enter through it. As a result, it is not long-lasting and has little flexibility. To get a lasting solution, you must select a top-quality waterproofing solution, such as Star Water Shield or Star Aqua Shield Plus. Always keep in mind the fact to choose one such waterproofing solution that can facilitate enough elongation so that it does not get affected by the change in temperatures.
  1. UV resistance: The product you select must be UV resistant so that the membrane’s physical property of providing energy efficiency does not deteriorate.
  1. Drying Time: It is critical because the quicker the solution dries, the sooner it can protect your property from rain. There will also be less dust settlement. As a result, when selecting a roof waterproofing system, one should always be aware of this fact.
  1. Brand’s Reputation: The brand you select must have a proven track record of providing successful waterproofing solutions. It will give you peace of mind that you are getting high-quality products and experienced assistance.

How Can StarShield Help You Get an Excellent Waterproofing Solution?

As a leading waterproof coating manufacturer, we set new benchmarks in the quality of paints and coating solutions. After extensive research and development, our products are engineered, keeping several crucial factors in mind. We have in our well-stocked inventory 16 top waterproof coatings that make any surface water and fungus proof and extend the life of your building interiors.

Look at some of our top featured products that provide maximum value for money to our clients:

#1. Star Water Shield

Super-hydrophobic, Star Water Shield provides excellent water and fungus-proofing solution. The coating gets absorbed in the surface of walls and roofs and prevents water from ingress into it. This transparent coating is made of high-quality impregnating agents that make it suitable to give long-lasting protection to all kinds of concrete.   

#2. Star Polyurea Shield

Based on strong linings and joint sealant technology, Star Polyurea Shield is a high-quality coating that gives excellent protection to surfaces from water, corrosion, and abrasion. Being highly elastomeric, it helps fill the cracks and gaps and is one of the most demandable products. It is suited for any surface—steel, wooden, or concrete and extends the life of the building structure. 

#3. Star Rubber Shield

Star Rubber Shield is a water-based, non-toxic liquid rubber solution that solidifies into a tough waterproof membrane to give 100% waterproofing to the surface with lifetime durability. What makes it more useful is its versatility, which makes it suitable to be used on surfaces made of steel, wood, metal, Aluminum, Styrofoam, and concrete. When you require an eco-friendly waterproofing coating that offers the best protection to any surface, the Star Rubber Shield is the ultimate product. 

#4. Star Concrete Shield

Give your building walls and roof concrete surface the best waterproofing treatment using Star Concrete Shield. If you don’t have much time for water curing, here is a water-based epoxy curing agent that retains moisture in the cement and thus prevents gaps and crevices. This offers excellent waterproofing and corrosion resistance to concrete surfaces with absolutely zero VOC, low viscosity, and a quick-drying period.   

#5. Star Aqua Shield Plus

Order online Star Aqua Shield Plus to get a complete waterproofing solution for your home or industrial roofs. It is a heat-resistant coating that, when applied, forms a thick rubber-like blanket of protection and prevents the ingress of water. Engineered with advanced technology, it is dust repellent and prevents crack development in roofs and walls. Say goodbye to fungus, algae, or mold growth on your roof or walls and give it excellent protection using Star Aqua Shield Plus.  

#6. Star Waterproof Exterior

Your home or office exteriors are exposed to weathering elements like sun, wind, rain, radiation, frost, and storm. If you are looking for a complete waterproofing solution for your building exteriors, investing in a highly effective Star Waterproof exterior gives you maximum value for money and peace of mind. Enjoy total freedom from dampness, paint peeling, and waterproofing-related issues. 

#7. Star Crack Shield 

Want to say goodbye to cracks in water tanks and external walls? This ultra-hydrophobic PU Sealant Putty Star Crack Shield is the best solution. The transparent, dust-repellent Star Wood Shield gives long-lasting protection to any wooden surface. Its remarkable features include being flexible, elastomeric, highly durable, composed of Silyl modified polymers, and an anti-sagging and moisture curing product. You can apply it without primer on natural stone tiles, concrete, brick, wooden, glass, and plastic surfaces.   

#8. Star Aqua Shield

When applied on the roof or walls, Star Aqua Shield makes a rubber-like flexible waterproofing seal that reflects heat as well. Thus, it prevents water ingress and helps lower the temperature of your home, office, factory, or warehouse. Give your loved ones the best health protection using Star Aqua Shield coating during the painting of your walls and roofs. Gain maximum leverage from our experts to find and purchase the most durable, economical, and valuable waterproof coating for your residential or commercial complexes. 

With immaculate smart paint and coating solutions, StarShield Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides a one-stop solution to all your paint and waterproofing needs. We have a well-stocked inventory of products that will give you world-class water-proofing paint, floor coating, and anti-viral spray or coat. Rely on only an experienced waterproof coating paint manufacturer to get quality paints and coatings at a pocket-friendly price. Feel free to visit our site, consult our experts, look at our products and their features and give us a call for a quick quote on your requirement for smart paints and coatings. 


Cool roof coating with complete waterproofing

The strongest solution to make your building cool and completely waterproof ?

  • Reduces surface temperature up to 24°C.
  • Good mechanical properties in the broad temperature range.
  • Good dirt pick-up resistance with no water swelling.

COMPLETE Protection

The liquid membrane of Star Cool Shield not only gives protection from Heat, but also helps you out with prevention of leakage & even dampness.

Formulated with Non-yellowish & UV Block Technology. Star Cool Shield also doesn’t get affected by mild acid rain, soapy water & other liquids.



Star Cool Shield + reduces the surface temperature up to 25 degree celsius and keeps your interior Cooler.


Star Cool Shield + makes the roof and wall absolute waterproof with its advance technology and reduces the possibility of any kind of dampness. Moreover it has unique capacity to safeguard the roof against acid rain and soapy water and other harmful liquids.


Star Cool Shield + is highly dust repellent. The composition of coating does not permit dust to stick on it. Moreover, every rain offers a fresh and new look to coated surface.


Star Cool Shield + reflects up to 97% of sun rays and dwindles the heat which in turn keeps the ambient cool and reduces Air conditioning cost by 19.2%.

Do you want a paint that remains unfaded while providing water resistant and heat reflective benefits ?

3 benefits in 1 Product

  • Heat Reflective – Get rid of heat.
  • Non fading – Keep your walls bright & shiny.
  • No Primer – Save your money & reduce hassle

Buy Heat Reflective Paints

Screenshot 2021-08-27 193647


Star Cool shield is a heat reflective and insulating coating that reflects up to 97% of sun rays and dwindles the heat which in turn keeps the roof cool and reduces Air conditioning cost by 19.2 %
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It has low reflectance and has excellent adhesion with GI Sheets, Iron Sheet, Stainless Steel and Coating Iron and Aluminium Substorts. Remove from costing to substotes. Star thermal shield provides a durability of 7-9 years.
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Screenshot 2021-08-27 193737


Nano-modified Heat Reflective & insulating coating to keep roof cool
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Star Heat shield is a Nono-modified Anti heat coating for glass surface which reduces temperature by 21.4O C and blocks IR & UV rays without affecting visibility.
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Star Insulation shield keeps the interior of house cool and cozy. This paint balances the temperature and reduces the heat generated by cooking appliances.
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Star Cool shield is a heat reflective and insulating coating that reflects up to 97% of sun rays and dwindles the heat which in turn keeps the roof cool and reduces Air conditioning cost by 19.2 %
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Prevents the Development of Health Issues

Water seepage through the roof reaches various portions of your structure, causing mold and mildew to grow and affecting the interior air quality. As a result, the residents of the building may experience a variety of health issues, including wheezing, eye infection, breathing problems, coughing, and skin irritation, to mention a few.

Increases the lifespan of interior design and furniture

Water and moisture seepage can cause metals to rust and wood to deteriorate. Applying the best waterproofing coating can help prevent such harm.

Facilitates energy efficiency

Waterproofing paints and coatings not only fix leaking roofs but also provide excellent insulation. Some colors are UV resistant and minimize temperature by 8 degrees Celsius. As a result, it saves you money on utility bills by lowering your air conditioning costs.

Enhances Structural Strength

Seepage of water in walls leads to cracks and promotes the growth of algae and fungi. If left unchecked, moisture weakens the strength of your building structure. Investing in an excellent roof waterproofing system will help extend its life.

Lessen the Repair cost

Roof waterproofing helps save money in the long run by lowering the expense of frequent repairs.



{2 in 1}

Presenting Star Cool Shield + heat-reflective and waterproof coating which not only keeps the surface cool but also increases the life shield of your surface




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Star Cool Shield is a Nano Modified Heat Reflective & Insulating Coating that reduces Surface temperature by 24°C & Ambient temperature by 8.5°C

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