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 you can avoid frequent cleaning, washing of your car as it consumes both money and time.

Do you want to reduce cost of repairing and maintainence of your car?

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To cut down maintenance cost and enhance the appearance and resale value of your vehicles then you should consider the Star Car Care. We offer solutions for critical scratches improving both aesthetics and quality.  

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Looking to reduce scratches, water-stains, or need hard coating and self-healing properties in your car to resist and self-heal scratches? Keep your car surface to look asthetic, glossy and shiny by choosing the right coating which suits your needs.

Scratches and Fading

Surface: Exteriors including paint, wheels, glass
Type: Water Based
Coverage: 300-400sq.ft./liter/coat depending on the application

Storage: keep in a cool and dry place
Durability: 8+ years with Star Car Shield
Color: White
Size: 1 liter/500ml

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Self-Healing of Scatches

Surface: Exterior car scratched places
Type: Water Based
Required Coat: single coat
Durability: 8+ years
Color: available in colors

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Maintain Glossy look and Aesthetics.

Surface: Exterior car body type
Type: water based
Required Coat:  single coat

Durability: 8+ years
Color: available in colors
Size: liter/500ml

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Laminate to Protect

Why Choose StarShield ?

Indo-European Technology

Apart from resolving Crucial Issues, our Production excels in Great Appearance with Amazing Shielding

In-House Research & Testing 

Innovating Research-based after subsequent Experimentation & Tests outputs the standardized products

Smart Nano-Technology

We integrate our own manufactured Nano Materials into Paints, making them more efficient, durable, and sustainable.

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Featured as a world’s Top 10 key player in 20+ world's leading Market Research reports


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Market Research Reports

We feel glad to share that StarShield with its revolutionary Smart Paints & Coatings has been ranked in the top 10 key players in more than 20+ Global Market Research Reports, which proves the research & its scientific validation & also highlights our expertise & leadership within the Paints & Coatings industry worldwide.

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What are car care products?

Car care products are specialized items designed to clean, protect, and maintain the appearance and performance of your vehicle.

Why should I use car care products?

Car care products help preserve your car's finish, protect against environmental damage, and maintain its value over time

Which car care products are essential?

Essential car care products include car wax, car wash soap, microfiber towels, tire cleaner, and interior cleaner.

Are these paints and coatings environmentally friendly?

Most energy-saving paints and coatings are made with environmentally friendly materials with low VOC and do not contain harmful chemicals StarShield excels in providing Greenpro certified Eco-friendly products to the customers that reduces indoor pollution.

How long does these paints last?

The lifespan of energy-saving paints & coatings is unmatchable with our products as they are modified with Nano technology which enables long term durability

How often should I wash and wax my car?

Washing your car every two weeks and waxing it every three months is a good maintenance routine.

Can car care products remove scratches and swirl marks?

Some car care products can reduce the appearance of scratches and swirl marks, but deep scratches may require professional repair.

Are they applicable on any type of surface?

Yes, they can be used on most types of surfaces, including concrete, metal, plastic, and masonry.

Can Energy Saving Paints be used in conjunction with other Energy Efficient Technologies?
Do they require any special maintenance or cleaning?

No, these do not require any special maintenance or cleaning beyond what is required for traditional paints as these are dust & dirt-repellent. However, with time they tend to lose their effectiveness due to changes in climatic conditions. Therefore it is suggested to laminate it with Star Paint Shield+ which is hard coating that protects it from variable weather conditions & many more.

Can we apply them over existing paint?

Yes, you can apply them over existing paint, but it is important to prepare the surface properly by cleaning & washing it to ensure proper adhesion.

Do they need any special primer to be applied before painting?

No, StarShield provides a primerless range of Energy Saving Paints & Coatings that can be applied without the use of any primer as these paints & coatings are highly adhesive.

What is the average temperature reduction after application?

There is a significant decrease of 25

Is there any special method to apply them?

They are applied in the usual manner as other paints & coatings, without any space between consecutive coats. Also, you can apply them without Primer, as they make strong adhesive bonding with the substrate.