Star Smart Paint Coating is a range of paints and coatings that are made with nano-technology materials. These paints and coatings offer superior protection to surfaces, including increased durability, resistance to heat, water, and corrosion. Star Smart Paint Coating also includes a wide range of products, such as heat reflective paints, waterproof paints, anti-graffiti coatings, self-healing paints, and anti-bacterial and anti-viral coatings.

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                        WHY CHOOSE ANTI VIRAL PAINTS AND COATINGS?               

 Effective Viral Defence: Star Anti-Viral Coatings are meticulously formulated to inhibit the presence and spread of viruses and bacteria, reducing the risk of contamination in any setting.

 Reduced Energy Costs: Star Anti-Viral Coatings are made to get you out of the harmful viruses and other bacteria within a cost saving amount.

 Safer indoor environmentChoosing anti-viral options ensures a healthier space by reducing the risk of infections and illnesses, making it ideal for homes, offices, healthcare facilities, and public spaces.

 Round the clock protection: Anti-viral coatings offer constant protection, making them a reliable defense against pathogens at all times.

Seamless AppearanceAnti-viral paints and coatings are available in various colors and finishes, allowing you to maintain or enhance the visual appeal of your spaces.

Experience the benefits of enhanced hygiene and safety in your spaces. Say goodbye to worries and say hello to a healthier and safer environment.

Unlocking Secrets of big companies through: Anti-Viral strategies

ChooseThe Surface from where you want to increase protection

Looking for more protection? Keep yourself Cool by Choosing the right surface from where you want to kill the harmful virus and bacteria. 

Click the required surface below to gain the experience.

Star Virus Wall Shield Paint

Surface: Exterior walls / Water Tanks
Type: Water Based
Coverage: 120-180 sq.ft./ltr/coat
Required Coat: 2 coats
Durability: 5+ years 
Color: Transparent
Size: 1 ltr/3.6 ltrs/5 ltrs/9.1 ltrs/18.2

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Star Virus Shield Nano Coating

Surface: Exterior Walls
Type: Water Based
Coverage: 32-54 sq.ft./ltr/coat
Required Coat: 2-3
Durability: 5+ years with Star Paint Shield+
Color: White
Size: 1 ltr/3.6 ltrs/9.1 ltrs/18.2 ltr

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SVS Fabric Sanitizer

Surface: Cemented / Marble
Type: Water/Solvent Based
Coverage: 54-56 sq.ft./ltr/coat
Required Coat: 2 coats

Durability: 5+ years with Star Paint Shield+
Color: White
Size: 9.1 ltrs/18.2 ltr

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Surface: Metal
Type: Solvent Based
Coverage: 74-76 sq.ft/ltr/coat
Required Coat: 2-3
Durability: 5+ years
Color: White

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SVS Hand Sanitizer

Surface: Hands and Body type
Type: Solvent Based
Coverage: 74-76 sq.ft/ltr/coat
Required Coat: 2-3
Durability: 3+ years
Color: White

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Indo-European Technology

Apart from resolving Crucial Issues, our Production excels in Great Appearance with Amazing Shielding

In-House Research & Testing 

Innovating Research-based after subsequent Experimentation & Tests outputs the standardized products

Smart Nano-Technology

We integrate our own manufactured Nano Materials into Paints, making them more efficient, durable, and sustainable.

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What are anti-viral products?

Anti-viral products are specialized solutions designed to inhibit the growth and spread of viruses, including airborne pathogens and surface contaminants. They are used to create environments that are less conducive to viral transmission.

How do anti-viral products work?

 Anti-viral products work through various mechanisms, including chemical formulations that disrupt the virus's structure, advanced filtration and purification technologies, and anti-microbial coatings that inhibit the growth of viruses on surfaces.

Where can anti-viral products be used?

 Anti-viral products can be used in a wide range of settings, including homes, offices, healthcare facilities, schools, public transportation, and high-traffic public spaces to enhance hygiene and reduce the risk of viral transmission.

What types of anti-viral products are available?

 Most anti-viral products are designed to be safe for human use when used according to manufacturer instructions. It's essential to follow guidelines and use these products as intended.

Are anti-viral products safe for human use?

Most anti-viral products are designed to be safe for human use when used according to manufacturer instructions. It's essential to follow guidelines and use these products as intended.