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Heat Resistant Paints Manufacturers

What is Heat Resistant Paint?

Heat resistant paints and coatings are chemicals that protect any substrate from damage due to high heat or rapid temperature changes. These paints protect the surfaces from breaking, corrosion, or damage due to heat or excess temperature up to 700 °C. These paints are used for pipelines, stoves, fireplace chimneys, and exhaust pipes in an industrial warehouse. It does not react to extreme heat and gives a quality finish to high-heat products. It also works well to prevent corrosion, and these paints avoid the spread of flames.

Types of Heat Resistant Paint

Let’s get to know about the different types of heat resistant paint so you can choose wisely as per your project type.

Multi polymeric paint:

These coatings have minute flakes of iron oxide, aluminium, silicon, and titanium making them exceptional for anti-corrosion at temperatures up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. These fire-retardant materials are mostly utilized for coating purposes during new construction, re-modelling an existing residential or commercial space, or any other building job. Furthermore, these heat resistant paints can be used to coat boilers in engine rooms, high-temperature machinery/equipment, stoves, flues, and chimneys in household fireplaces.

Epoxy Coating:

It is generally used in petrochemicals and oilfield industries. They tolerate high temperature as they are thermosets. Thermosets have high melting point, making them suitable as a high heat resistant option.

Epoxy Phenolic:

These coatings are best suited for 350 -400 Fahrenheit. These coatings are heat resistive known to provide strong bonding, temperature resistance, and chemical resistance.

Modified Silicone Coating:

If someone prefer some sort of preference on temperature, then it is one among the best-suited paint. According to your choice, you can also enhance its optimal project performance, and it also gives you more heat resistance than the normal silicon coating.

Silicone Coating:

These high temperature silicon coatings are especially for steel surfaces like exhaust stacks, boilers etc. These coatings dry through hair exposure but only dry fully when cured at a minimum of 350 degrees.

Epoxy Novolac Coating:

It is one of the high-rated and bestselling paints used in the crude oil and tanker industries. These coatings perform best at a temperature of 350 to 360 degrees Fahrenheit. They show high resistance to oxidizing and non-oxidizing acids. This coating is not exclusive to epoxy phenolic, as novolac is formed by the reaction between phenol and formaldehyde. 

COMPLETE Protection

The liquid membrane of Star Cool Shield not only gives protection from Heat, but also helps you out with prevention of leakage & even dampness.

Formulated with Non-yellowish & UV Block Technology. Star Cool Shield also doesn’t get affected by mild acid rain, soapy water & other liquids.

How it Works..

As most of the roof coatings work on the principle of rejection of solar heat only, Star Cool Shield-Industrial not only reflects most due to its highest SRI-130, but also has insulative additives & nano air bubbles which make the interior cooler & comfortable


  • Due to high heat, Chimney Furnace, Ovens, Boilers, Burning Stoves, Automobile Mufflers, Industrial Machinerie, Plants and Pipes and Other heat  producing units get corroded very fast.
  • It also causes risk to the life of the technician and operator 
  • These exposed materials at higher temperatures need a thermal barrier for protection and here comes Star Thermal Shield.
  • Star Thermal Shield, heat resistant coating, is a Polysiloxane based  which can resist  temperature up to 1000 degrees.

Check out some of our top listed products

Star Cool Shield

Our best heat-reflective and insulation coating reflects sun rays and provides a protective shield for residents or workers. It reduces roof temperature by 25 degrees Celsius and air conditioning costs by 19.2%, enhancing interior comfort. Being lightweight and more affordable than other surface coatings, you will get the best value for money and enhanced protection from heat and fire for a long time. 

Star Cool Shield Plus

People looking for an excellent heat reflective paint that comes with waterproofing property as well will do well-ordering Star Cool Shield plus from our store. This paint is made up of advanced nanotechnology that keeps your room cooler and safeguards the roof and wall from water, acid rain, and harmful liquids. It has a long life span of over 12 years and keeps your home interior shiny and free from the damaging effects of dust, heat, and water.  

Star Insulation Shield

Made up of a polysiloxane base, our Star Insualtion shield paint provides excellent heat protection in the interiors of your living room or other rooms. This paint provides high-quality rust protection and heat protection and reduces heat generated by cooking appliances.

Star Heat Shield Transparent

Designed for all kinds of residential and commercial buildings with glass facades or walls, the Star Heat Shield Transparent reduces heat by 21.4%. It blocks 96% of infrared rays and UV rays and keeps your home or office interiors cool. It is highly durable and maintenance-free, available in a transparent and translucent solution, thereby providing you excellent value for money and peace of mind. Being highly affordable, incurring 1/3rd cost of solar films and 1/5th cost of insulated glass will reduce the air conditioning cost and soon pay back its value.  

Star Insulation Foam 

It is a multi-purpose elastomeric paint suitable to be applied on all kinds of surfaces like Asbestos, plastic water tanks, RCC concrete roofs and walls. It picks up dirt and provides excellent heat resistant and water resistant solution.

Applications of Heat Resistant Paints

StarShield’s heat resistant powder coatings like Star Thermal shield, Star Heat Shield, Star Cool shield walls, Star Cool shield plus, Star Insulation form, and Star Insulation Shield are designed to cater to various residential and industrial needs of people. Apart from the roof top application, high temperature resistant paints find uses in various industrial and residential applications:

#1. Ovens

Whether it is a residential or commercial oven, they require heat resistant paint that can protect the surface from high temperatures. The paint protects the inner and outer surface of grilling and broilers from damage and corrosion. Thus, these paints are best suited for ovens and cooking ranges.

#2. Fireplaces

Fireplaces are an essential part of homes and restaurants that provide warmth and comfort in cold winter days. They use specialist high heat paints used in the interior walls, mantles and sides. Now many fireplaces are designed with attractive look and professional finish that can blend well with living rooms. Heat resistant paint maintains the beauty of the appliance and are more durable than other paints.

#3. Stoves

Stoves are used for cooking or for heating purposes. They use charcoal, wood or other fuel and work like furnace. They are painted by heat resistant paints usually made of silicone coatings that protects the device from smoke, fumes, heat and flames for a long time.

#4. Grills

When it comes to cooking outside, people use grills and fire pits that help them enjoy and relish the taste of their favorite food outside. As the surfaces of grills are subjected to high heat due to flames, char and smoke, heat resistant paints are used to protect the integrity of the inner surface of grills. You must use only high quality fire retardant paint that will give you lasting service without causing flaking, peeling, or disintegrating.

#5. Kilns

Kilns are used in brick manufacturing plants, bakeries and for curing goods. At times, the temperature in kilns reach several hundred degrees. Heat resistant paints give long lasting coverage and protection extending the life of these appliances.

#6. Steam Pipes

Steam pipes transmit steam from one region to other and are used in heating systems and similar applications. High temperature resistant paint is used to enhance the longevity of pipes and help them save from rust and corrosion.

#7. Chimneys

Chimneys receive and emanates fumes and smoke and get heated for over long periods of time. Heat resistant paint not only protects the surface but also minimize any chances of fires due to overheating. Such a paint plays a vital role in improving chimney safety.

#8. Boilers

A boiler in a refinery heats water or other liquids and then releases steam and heat used for various applications. Boilers reach extremely high temperatures, which is why heat resistant paint is a must for these devices.


  • The membrane of Star Cool Shield + not only gives protection from Heat but also from leakage and dampness.
  • Seamless with no potential leaks in joints.
  • Star Cool Shield + has a long life 12+ years and serves your home for a longer period while keeping it safe from the effects of dust, water and Sun.

How StarShield Helps You Get the Best Heat Resistant Paint?

StarShield Technologies is a leading paint and coating manufacturer and supplier that aims to enrich people’s live and provide them optimum satisfaction by providing them superb quality, eco-friendly smart paints and coatings. Starting only with 3-4 products in 2015, it soon expanded its global footprint to be one of the most renowned names among Heat Resistant Paint Manufacturers in the world.
Whether you are looking for anti-viral paint, excellent water-proofing solution, floor coating, smart paint or heat resistant paint for your apartment, bakery, warehouse or guesthouse, café, or hotel, you can rely on us for getting the best and tested products. Our products meet the highest global standards of quality, durability and sustainability.
We take pride in our experienced engineers and RND team that has been committed for innovation and development thereby enhancing the lives of people with smart paint and coating solutions. Only in six years of our inception, we have evolved as an international brand with our branches in Dubai and Spain. We are the leading manufacturer of industrial paints, floor coatings, and heat-resistant paints and heat protective coatings and cater to the needs of individuals and industries.

Feel free to check our well-stocked inventory that contains waterproof paint, heat resistant paint, anti-viral coating or fabric spray, UV shield or metal shield paints and coatings. We provide maximum satisfaction and value for money. 

Excellent Heat Resistant Paint and Waterproofing Paints at Affordable Cost

We have over 70 products in our inventory with the eight best heat-resistant coatings designed to protect your factory sheds, bakery roof, concrete roof, and walls of your home, factory, or warehouse.  Experienced engineers manufacture our heat-resistant paints after years of innovation, research, and development. These paints consist of silicone, epoxy phenolic, silicone, or a specialized multi-polymeric matrix. They differ in their composition, and one can choose these paints as per the underlying material or substrate and fire safety level required. 


When the fire retardant paint comes in contact with fire or heat, they form a foamy layer or coating that covers the fuel element of the fire triangle, thereby containing the fire to a limited area. The residents of industrial workers can escape from the place within that time and neutralize the fire with another extinguisher. Thus, these paints help protect the building or warehouse from damage due to the flames. As an esteemed heat resistant paint manufacturer, we believe in providing world-class products that offer excellent protection and value for money. 


So, what are you waiting for? Rely on our professional and experienced team of engineers to get world-class heat resistant paint or water-proofing paint, floor coating and anti-viral spray or coat from a top-notch heat resistant paint manufacturer at a pocket-friendly price. Feel free to check out our well-stocked inventory of products and give us a call for a quick quote on your requirement of smart paints and coatings. Consult our experienced engineers to know more about the suitability of paint and their benefits. Get the maximum value from our products.




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Star Cool Shield is a Nano Modified Heat Reflective & Insulating Coating that reduces Surface temperature by 24°C & Ambient temperature by 8.5°C

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