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What is Heat Protection paint?

As the name suggests, heat protection paint is a kind of coating or surface application paint that protects the substrate from fire. It is meant to endure temperatures far above ambient temperature. The paint is heat-protective because it blends inorganic pigment powder with a poly-silicon alkoxide-based binder solution. As a result, the heat protection paint composition can tolerate a significant amount of thermal energy. Some paints can even withstand temperatures of up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Heat Protection Paints Protect Against Fire?

Fire-retardant paints are one of the most common, cost-effective, and safest ways to prevent a fire from spreading in any commercial or residential place. Fire retardant paints and coating layers are specifically intended to withstand high temperatures while also neutralizing the ingredients that make up the fire triangle. These paints are made up of epoxy phenolic, silicone, epoxy novolac, silicone, bromine, or a more specialized multi-polymeric matrix. 


When the fire generated by the flames comes into contact with the heat protection paint covering, it produces a fire dampening agent. Therefore, this heat-dissipating ingredient successfully prevents the fire from becoming a massive one. The fire dies in its early stages when the fuel is removed or neutralized. These paints can be used on various surfaces, including ceilings, walls, and other interior elements.



{2 in 1}

Presenting Star Cool Shield + heat-reflective and waterproof coating which not only keeps the surface cool but also increases the life shield of your surface



Star Cool Shield + reduces the surface temperature up to 25 degree celsius and keeps your interior Cooler.


Star Cool Shield + makes the roof and wall absolute waterproof with its advance technology and reduces the possibility of any kind of dampness. Moreover it has unique capacity to safeguard the roof against acid rain and soapy water and other harmful liquids.


Star Cool Shield + is highly dust repellent. The composition of coating does not permit dust to stick on it. Moreover, every rain offers a fresh and new look to coated surface.


Star Cool Shield + reflects up to 97% of sun rays and dwindles the heat which in turn keeps the ambient cool and reduces Air conditioning cost by 19.2%.


  • The membrane of Star Cool Shield + not only gives protection from Heat but also from leakage and dampness.
  • Seamless with no potential leaks in joints.
  • Star Cool Shield + has a long life 12+ years and serves your home for a longer period while keeping it safe from the effects of dust, water and Sun.

Check out some of our top listed products

Star Cool Shield

Our best heat-reflective and insulation coating reflects sun rays and provides a protective shield for residents or workers. It reduces roof temperature by 25 degrees Celsius and air conditioning costs by 19.2%, enhancing interior comfort. Being lightweight and more affordable than other surface coatings, you will get the best value for money and enhanced protection from heat and fire for a long time. 

Star Cool Shield Plus

People looking for an excellent heat reflective paint that comes with waterproofing property as well will do well-ordering Star Cool Shield plus from our store. This paint is made up of advanced nanotechnology that keeps your room cooler and safeguards the roof and wall from water, acid rain, and harmful liquids. It has a long life span of over 12 years and keeps your home interior shiny and free from the damaging effects of dust, heat, and water.  

Star Insulation Shield

Made up of a polysiloxane base, our Star Insualtion shield paint provides excellent heat protection in the interiors of your living room or other rooms. This paint provides high-quality rust protection and heat protection and reduces heat generated by cooking appliances.

Star Heat Shield Transparent

Designed for all kinds of residential and commercial buildings with glass facades or walls, the Star Heat Shield Transparent reduces heat by 21.4%. It blocks 96% of infrared rays and UV rays and keeps your home or office interiors cool. It is highly durable and maintenance-free, available in a transparent and translucent solution, thereby providing you excellent value for money and peace of mind. Being highly affordable, incurring 1/3rd cost of solar films and 1/5th cost of insulated glass will reduce the air conditioning cost and soon pay back its value.  

Star Insulation Foam 

It is a multi-purpose elastomeric paint suitable to be applied on all kinds of surfaces like Asbestos, plastic water tanks, RCC concrete roofs and walls. It picks up dirt and provides excellent heat resistant and water resistant solution.

Types of Heat Protection Paint:

Fire retardant coatings or heat protection paint can be grouped into two types: non-intumescent and intumescent coatings. Non-intumescent coatings are decorative, architectural coatings that comprises of flame retardant additives suited to reduce the rate of flame spread in combustible substrates. Based on their flame retardant properties, they can be grouped as Class A, B or C. The thickness of the substrate and coating determines the rate of flame spread.

Intumescent coatings are those that react chemically due to fire and swell to form a charred multicellular layer forming an insulating barrier on the substrate. At times, this intumesced char can increase to up to 50 times the original thickness of the applied coating. It reduces the rate of heat transfer between the condensed and vapor phases..

You can find two types of fire retardant coatings in the market that may be either pigmented/colored or clear, transparent varnish in the market. They are designed for use on different materials and respond very differently when exposed to fire. They find applications in various fields: construction, transport, wall and ceiling linings, and other areas that require products to satisfy the requirement of classes.

1. Powdered Form of Paint

Materials like epoxy and silicone are widely used in high powdered forms of paints. According to recent studies, silicone powders operate better and more efficiently at higher temperatures. Furthermore, the powder-based version of high-resistant paints is free of any VOCs.

These heat protection paints also allow you to create a variety of colour schemes and appealing finishes for your walls. These paints provide fire protection while still appearing excellent and fitting in with the overall theme of the establishment.

2. Multi Polymeric Paint

This type of heat-based paint comes in two different formats: water-based and solvent-based. These fire-retardant materials are mostly utilized for coating purposes during new construction, re-modelling of an existing residential or commercial space, or any other form of building job.

These paints have a high silicon content, which provides exceptional resistance to high temperatures. Furthermore, these heat protection paints can be used to coat boilers in engine rooms, high-temperature machinery/equipment, stoves, flues, and chimneys in household fireplaces. 

3. Ceramic Paint:

Ceramic coating is extensively employed in regions with high-temperature machinery and equipment because of its heat-resistant qualities. Ceramic blends and mixtures with other heat resistant materials are used in a lot of high-temperature mechanical parts.

Because of their heat-absorbing properties, ceramics are one of the most heat-protection materials accessible. They frequently feature corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. Not only can these paints protect the insulation, but they can also protect the metals utilized in the machinery.

4. Thermal Spray:

Thermal sprays, also known as metal additive coatings, are commonly used for both heat protection and corrosion prevention. These paints produce a protective layer surrounding the surface that resists not only the fire triangle and heat but also the corrosive effects of high temperatures and prevents the elements from fading away over time.

Thermal sprayed aluminium is primarily used for CUI protection in high-temperature installations and manufacturing facilities. Over 400 degrees Celsius, metal additive coatings are most typically utilized as temperature stabilizers and heat resistant techniques.

Applications of Heat Protection Paints:

1.  Chimneys: As the majority of the heat from fireplaces travels through the chimney, they are subjected to higher temperatures than the rooms in which they are installed. In reality, heat-protection paint is used to reduce the risk of fires resulting from the accumulation of soot and debris inside the chimney on your rooftop or terrace.

2. Boilers: Boilers are an obvious candidate for heat protection paint due to the mix of heat and moisture. The heat and water-resistant paint decrease the chances of corrosion forming by covering the metal parts in the boilers and water tanks. 

3. Fans: These are industrial fans that are used to circulate heat in vast areas. Despite the dispersion of air generated by the fans in motion, these fans generate a lot of heat. Heat-resistant paint on the blades protects the plastic or metal surfaces against moisture and grease buildup, as well as the higher temperatures.

4. Exhaust and Transmission systems: The exhaust pipes and transmission systems, which are mostly found in vehicles (such as car or motorcycle engines), generate a lot of heat. While regular paint will wear out quickly, heat-resistant paint will withstand the heat, filth, and particles that exhaust and transmission systems are exposed to.

5. Fire Pits and Grills: Grills and fire pits sustain damage from the open flames. Heat-resistant paints, such as Rust-Oleum High Heat Ultra Enamel Spray, are ideal for safeguarding these surfaces. Plus, even when exposed to the elements, it’s tough enough to last for years.

6. Fireplaces: Although most of the heat from a fireplace rises, it also spreads out into the room. Heat-resistant paint is applied to the stress spots of the fireplace, such as the inside walls, sides, and mantle.

7. Steam Pipes: Steam pipes, which are still used in many homes and buildings for heating, also produce moisture owing to condensation. This is where heat- and humidity-resistant paint comes in handy, while still allowing heat to pass through to the rooms.

8. Kilns: These are industrial ovens that cure many items. The high-temperature enamel spray paint resists heat while also protecting the surface from other corrosive substances. It also makes it easy to clean the surfaces.

9. Ovens: Cooking ovens, both commercial and domestic, are ideal candidates for heat-resistant paint. This type of coating is required for cooking ranges with high settings, such as broiling and grilling, to protect the surface regions. 

10. Stoves: These are wood or metal stoves that heat and cook food using a range of fuels. Stoves, heaters, burners, and gas fires are constructed similarly to furnaces in many ways. Under typical use conditions, the paint will survive heat, smoke, and flames for a long period.

How StarShield is the Best Heat Protection Paint Manufacturer

When it comes to getting the best heat protection paint for your building or bakery, warehouse or guesthouse, café, or hotel, it is crucial to assess the fire risks and then purchase the highest quality fire resistant paint from a renowned paint manufacturer. 

StarShield Technologies is a renowned name among leading heat protection paint manufacturers in Delhi/NCR and other parts of the world. Within six years of our inception, we have become an international brand with our branches in Dubai and Spain. We are the leading manufacturer of industrial paints, floor coatings, and heat-protective coatings and cater to the needs of individuals and industries that form a part of our large client base. Whether you require waterproof paint, heat protection paint, anti-viral coating or fabric spray, UV shield or metal shield paints and coatings, you can rely on us to get excellent products that meet the highest international quality standards. 

Order Heat Protective Coating Online From the Comfort of Your Home 

We have over 70 products in our inventory with the eight best heat-protective coatings designed to protect your factory sheds, bakery roof, concrete roof, and walls of your home, factory, or warehouse.  Experienced engineers manufacture our heat-protective paints after years of innovation, research, and development. These paints consist of silicone, epoxy phenolic, silicone, or a specialized multi-polymeric matrix. They differ in their composition, and one can choose these paints as per the underlying material or substrate and fire safety level required.


When the fire retardant paint comes in contact with fire or heat, they form a foamy layer or coating that covers the fuel element of the fire triangle, thereby containing the fire to a limited area. The residents of industrial workers can escape from the place within that time and neutralize the fire with another extinguisher. Thus, the paint helps protect the building or warehouse from damage due to the flames.  As an esteemed heat protection paint manufacturer, we believe in providing world-class products that offer excellent protection and value for money. 


So, what are you waiting for? Rely on our professional and experienced team of engineers to get world-class heat protection paint or water-proofing paint, floor coating and anti-viral spray or coat from a top-notch heat protection paint manufacturer at a pocket-friendly price. Feel free to check out our well-stocked inventory of products and give us a call for a quick quote on your requirement of smart paints and coatings.


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Star Cool Shield reflects up to 97% of sun rays and dwindles the heat which in turn keeps the ambient cool and reduces Air conditioning cost.

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Reduction in temperature, by up to 8.5°C, enhances efficiency and productivity and contributes to generating better results.

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Amount spent on Cool shield paint is paid back within very less time by the decrease in Energy bills. Heat reflective coating causes less pressure on AC and consequently decreases your AC bills.

High Quality


Star Cool Shield covers 10% more than any other similar coatings & hence will be lighter on your pocket. It is lightweight and has nano-components in it.

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Star Cool Shield has 0.98% water absorption rate which is the lowest and makes it capable of sustaining pressure of 2.5 bar for the period of 7 days.

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Star Cool Shield offers exterior durability and UV resistance along with better mechanical strength & helps to protect a roof from heat, water & dust. This reduces maintenance requirements and extends roof lifetime.

COMPLETE Protection

The liquid membrane of Star Cool Shield not only gives protection from Heat, but also helps you out with prevention of leakage & even dampness.

Formulated with Non-yellowish & UV Block Technology. Star Cool Shield also doesn’t get affected by mild acid rain, soapy water & other liquids.




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Star Cool Shield is a Nano Modified Heat Reflective & Insulating Coating that reduces Surface temperature by 24°C & Ambient temperature by 8.5°C

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