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What is Heat Insulation paint?

Thermal insulation paint is a modern technique that works as an alternative to ordinary paint to improve a building’s insulation. NASA scientists first developed insulating paints as an additive that contained tiny glass spheres called microspheres, epoxy particles, and heat-resistant chemicals. It was first sprayed on the shuttle to protect it from the extreme heat generated by its re-entry into the atmosphere. It was first sprayed on the shuttle to protect it from the extreme heat generated by its re-entry into the atmosphere.


Insulating paints and coatings are the class of products that slow down and completely stop heat transfer through the walls. It is most commonly used on a building’s internal divisions, but it can also be used outside water tanks, hot and cold-water pipes, etc.

Thermal insulation paint improves heat retraction in a room. It works similarly to heat-reflective paints in that it reflects heat away from an external surface or substrate, keeping internal temperatures lower. Steel, wood, concrete, masonry block, brick, asphalt shingles, plastic, glass, or canvas, to mention a few typical substrates, will normally attach to clean, dry paint. They’re usually designed to be sprayed on as long as the sprayer’s filters are of the right density or are removed to allow the coating and its additives to stick to the substrate.


Star Cool Shield-Walls works as Heat Reflective and Insulating coating. It keeps the surface cooler up to 18 degrees due to its Solar Reflective Index value (SRI). Its colors has potential to reflect excessive heat.

How does a thermal insulation paint works?

Insulation paints prevent heat from leaving a room by creating resistance to heat passage through a surface or substrate. Traditional insulation products decrease heat, sound, or light’s movement through surfaces and substrates.

The presence of microspheres and epoxy particles provides enhanced surface reflectivity to block heat energy from entering or leaving surfaces sprayed or coated with the substance. So, for buildings whose walls are covered with insulating paint, radiant heat energy from the sun would reflect rather than be absorbed and circulated by conduction to the interior wall surfaces.

In summer, the insulative property of this painting help saves the energy and money spent on air-conditioning bills when roofs and exterior walls are coated. Conversely, you can save energy and money on heating bills in cooler climates when interior walls and ceilings are painted with our thermal and insulating paint products.

The Form in which the insulation paint is available to consumers:

1. Paint Additives: Microsphere-containing insulating granules can be mixed into conventional home paint. If you want to use a specific paint brand, additives are the way to go—stir them in by hand with a paint stick or a drill fitted with a mixer paddle. The ingredient blends in quickly, and the paint is ready to use as soon as it is smooth and free of lumps.

2. Premixed Paint: Insulating paint cans for interior and exterior applications are available from StarShield Technologies. Like any other home paint, these paints are applied with a brush and roller. The only condition is that you use appropriate paint for both the environment and the surface you’re painting. If you want to paint an outside wall, make sure you use exterior paint.

How it can best be applied:

This paint can be useful on work or storage sheds, playhouses, external propane tanks, and any other paintable surfaces that you want to keep a little cooler. It is ideal for applying light-colored insulating paint on walls that reflect solar rays. While insulating paint is used with a brush or roller in the same way as ordinary paint, the following recommendations will help you get the best outcome.

  • The painting surface must be clean and dry.
  • Before applying new paint to a previously painted area, scrape away any flaking paint and sand the surface smoothly.
  • Insulating paint should be applied when between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Before spraying insulating paint, remove the cartridge filter from your spray gun to prevent it from clogging. Even though the microspheres are small, they can block a filter.

Ways to Maintain an insulated paint surface:

One can easily take care of the insulated paint surface in the same manner, you care for any other painted surface. The following suggestions will help to ensure that the paint on your walls or other objects lasts as long as possible.

  • To eliminate dust and debris that might accumulate over time, use a garden hose and a hand sprayer to spray down external walls.
  • Avoid using a power washer on painted exterior walls since the high pressure could remove the paint and damage some types of siding.
  • Interior painted surfaces should be cleaned using a gentle solution of warm water and a non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner like Pin-Sol. Wipe away dirt and grime using a sponge immersed in the solution, then dry the surface with a clean cloth.

StarShield Technologies is a renowned and experienced insulation paint manufacturer that brings smart paints, heat-protective paintings, thermal insulation paints, waterproofing paints and coats, and anti-viral Nanocoatings to individuals and industries. Based on the surface or substrate and the purpose of the application, Insulation Paint Manufacturers decide the right kind of chemicals to be used as heat shield paint. Whatever be your specific insulation paint requirements, we have you all covered up.

Whether you require insulation paint for metal roofs, poultry farms, building interiors or exterior applications or portal cabins, our products will provide the best insulation and corrosion protection property.

The thermal insulation paint is typically applied on the exterior walls of a building to protect it from external temperature changes. It can also be applied to the interior walls to protect them from the heat generated by appliances such as stoves, ovens, and fireplaces.
Choosing the best paint manufacturer can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with the industry. However, there are some key things to consider when selecting a reliable manufacturer.

Some of these factors include:

  • The type of insulation paint you need.
  • The application process.
  • The warranty coverage.
  • Price and discounts.

Starshield is the best insulation paint manufacturer that enjoys a sound reputation in the market. Its experienced staff is well-versed in the latest technology and techniques for painting.

Besides the high-quality products, we provide the best customer service, affordable prices, and eco-friendly products that offer maximum value to customers. Customers can choose from our innovative paint products, such as Star Thermal Shield, Star Insulation Shield, Star Insulation, and many others.

Types of Insulation Paint

Let’s get to know about the different types of thermal insulation paint so you can choose wisely as per your project type. Whether you need to apply insulation paint on your home exteriors or interiors or to use it in industries, you should choose the right kind of thermal insulation paint.

1. Ceramic Insulation coating: Ceramic coatings are extremely effective in preventing heat loss or gain in commercial and residential constructions. Ceramic coating is paint that contains one or more ceramic components and is applied to the exterior and interior surfaces through roller or spray. This insulating substance can restrict heat transfer and heat deposition onto a structure depending on the ceramic compounds employed. It means that no heat will be transmitted into or out of a structure. 


The ceramic coating does not come with an R-value rating, unlike fiberglass insulation but they are assessed according to their “emissivity,” which is a measurement of both their capacity to reflect heat and the quantity of heat put onto a surface.

2. Polysiloxane-based coating: Polysiloxanes are siloxane hybrids that have been produced with an organic resin like epoxy or acrylate systems. A polymer with a Silicon-Oxygen backbone is known as polysiloxane. They fall under the category of industrial coatings that are used in applications where chemicals, high UV and high temperature, and abrasions are experienced.

Polysiloxanes are far more resistant to UV radiation than the Carbon-Carbon backbone of organic polymers. To prevent color fading or photo-degradation, we employ resins such as acrylics and polyurethane, which absorb UV radiation slowly and dry up and lose their color more slowly. UV blockers like polysiloxane must explicitly be included during the manufacturing stage of any coating or paint.

Applications of Thermal Insulation Paints:

Thermal insulation paint is the solution to one of the most challenging building problems we face today. Heat radiates from a building’s walls, windows, roof, and floors, so as heat is lost, you must struggle with lower internal temperatures or spend more money heating the room periodically. In the summer, this heat loss can result in heat transfer, when too much heat enters the building.

Thermal insulation paints can offer decent services in industrial settings, such as:

  • Lowering your energy bills
  • Improve the climate-controlled conditions in industrial buildings/factories.
  • Food manufacturing plants
  • Chemical reprocessing plants
  • Textile manufacturing plants
  • Mills of paper
  • Sugar refineries
  • Tanks for storage
  • Pipelines for transferring goods
  • Offer anti-condensation properties
  • In marine situations, it acts as a thermal protection barrier.

How StarShield Helps You Get the Best Thermal insulation Paint?

StarShield Technologies is a prominent paint and coating producer and supplier that wants to improve people’s lives and offer them maximum happiness by supplying them with high-quality, environment-friendly smart paints and coatings. Starting with only three or four items in 2015, it quickly grew its global reach to become one of the world’s most recognizable names among Thermal Insulation Paint Manufacturers.

Whether you need anti-viral paint, a great waterproofing solution, floor coating, smart paint, or thermal insulation paint for your apartment, bakery, warehouse, guesthouse, café, or hotel, you can count on us to provide the best and tested materials. Our products meet the highest global quality, durability, and sustainability standards.

We are the leading manufacturer of industrial paints, floor coatings, thermal insulation paints, and heat-protective coatings, serving individuals and companies. We have expanded as an international brand in only six years, with branches in Dubai and Spain. We are proud of our skilled engineers and RND team, dedicated to innovation and development, consequently improving people’s lives through smart paint and coating solutions.

Check out our extensive collection of waterproof paint, thermal insulation paint, anti-viral coating or fabric spray, UV shield, or metal shield paints and coatings. We deliver supreme comfort and maximum value for money.


Cool roof coating with complete waterproofing

The strongest solution to make your building cool and completely waterproof ?

  • Reduces surface temperature up to 24°C.
  • Good mechanical properties in the broad temperature range.
  • Good dirt pick-up resistance with no water swelling.

COMPLETE Protection

The liquid membrane of Star Cool Shield not only gives protection from Heat, but also helps you out with prevention of leakage & even dampness.

Formulated with Non-yellowish & UV Block Technology. Star Cool Shield also doesn’t get affected by mild acid rain, soapy water & other liquids.



Star Cool Shield + reduces the surface temperature up to 25 degree celsius and keeps your interior Cooler.


Star Cool Shield + makes the roof and wall absolute waterproof with its advance technology and reduces the possibility of any kind of dampness. Moreover it has unique capacity to safeguard the roof against acid rain and soapy water and other harmful liquids.


Star Cool Shield + is highly dust repellent. The composition of coating does not permit dust to stick on it. Moreover, every rain offers a fresh and new look to coated surface.


Star Cool Shield + reflects up to 97% of sun rays and dwindles the heat which in turn keeps the ambient cool and reduces Air conditioning cost by 19.2%.

Do you want a paint that remains unfaded while providing water resistant and heat reflective benefits ?

3 benefits in 1 Product

  • Heat Reflective – Get rid of heat.
  • Non fading – Keep your walls bright & shiny.
  • No Primer – Save your money & reduce hassle

Check out some of our top listed products:

1. Star Insulation Shield: This paint is made up of a polysiloxane base. Our Star Insulation shield paint facilitates protection from harmful UV rays. It creates a thermal barrier that reflects heat once the paint or coating dries up. This paint provides excellent heat protection in the interiors of your living room or other rooms during summer. This paint protects against rust and heat while reducing heat generated by cooking appliances.

2. Star Insulation Foam: It is a multi-purpose elastomeric paint that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including asbestos, plastic water tanks, and RCC concrete roofs and walls. It attracts dirt and provides great heat and water-resistant solutions.

3. Star Heat Shield: It is an Anti-heat coating designed to be used for glass surfaces that reduces temperature by 21.4 degrees Celsius. Engineered with Nano-modified materials, it blocks UV & IR rays without affecting visibility. Using this paint in your home or office interiors will reduce the air conditioning cost by up to 20%.

4. Star Cool Shield-Industrial: It is a specialized nano-modified thermal insulating and heat reflective coating that is used for roof and industrial shed coating. With the highest solar reflectance index (SRI) of 130, it reflects the heat penetration from building metallic roofs and industrial sheds up to 97%, keeping the interiors cool and comfortable. With insulative additives and nano air bubbles, it provides excellent protection from heat, water, dust, alkali, oil, chemical, and fungus.

Using smart paintings and coatings will provide lasting protection to your home or factory walls and roofs and reduces carbon footprint and energy bills. Engineered using innovative ideas and technology, the best thermal insulation paint and other smart coatings will enhance comfort and provide you with excellent resistance from weather elements. Rely only on the leading insulation paint manufacturer for the same and get a host of advantages with the unique paint solution.

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Star Cool shield is a heat reflective and insulating coating that reflects up to 97% of sun rays and dwindles the heat which in turn keeps the roof cool and reduces Air conditioning cost by 19.2 %
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It has low reflectance and has excellent adhesion with GI Sheets, Iron Sheet, Stainless Steel and Coating Iron and Aluminium Substorts. Remove from costing to substotes. Star thermal shield provides a durability of 7-9 years.
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Nano-modified Heat Reflective & insulating coating to keep roof cool
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Star Heat shield is a Nono-modified Anti heat coating for glass surface which reduces temperature by 21.4O C and blocks IR & UV rays without affecting visibility.
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Star Insulation shield keeps the interior of house cool and cozy. This paint balances the temperature and reduces the heat generated by cooking appliances.
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Star Cool shield is a heat reflective and insulating coating that reflects up to 97% of sun rays and dwindles the heat which in turn keeps the roof cool and reduces Air conditioning cost by 19.2 %
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Star Cool Shield reflects up to 97% of sun rays and dwindles the heat which in turn keeps the ambient cool and reduces Air conditioning cost.

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Reduction in temperature, by up to 8.5°C, enhances efficiency and productivity and contributes to generating better results.

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Amount spent on Cool shield paint is paid back within very less time by the decrease in Energy bills. Heat reflective coating causes less pressure on AC and consequently decreases your AC bills.

High Quality


Star Cool Shield covers 10% more than any other similar coatings & hence will be lighter on your pocket. It is lightweight and has nano-components in it.

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Star Cool Shield has 0.98% water absorption rate which is the lowest and makes it capable of sustaining pressure of 2.5 bar for the period of 7 days.

Hourglass on table, Sand flowing through the bulb of Sandglass measuring the passing time


Star Cool Shield offers exterior durability and UV resistance along with better mechanical strength & helps to protect a roof from heat, water & dust. This reduces maintenance requirements and extends roof lifetime.



{2 in 1}

Presenting Star Cool Shield + heat-reflective and waterproof coating which not only keeps the surface cool but also increases the life shield of your surface




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Star Cool Shield is a Nano Modified Heat Reflective & Insulating Coating that reduces Surface temperature by 24°C & Ambient temperature by 8.5°C

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