Solar Paints
Increase durability and efficiency of your Solar Panel.
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Lower solar Efficiency , Dirty solar panels !
Apply Solar paints.

Why Solar Paints

An inovative  soltuion for dirty and ugly  Solar panels , Solar paints increases the Durability and efficiency upto 25%. 

Is Solar Paints Eco-Friendly?

Products Of StarShield are all Eco-friendly ,including the Star Solar Shield which is a Solar paint.

Our product have shown upto 25% more Efficiency.

 The patented, trusted and Eco-Friendly products increase a  general performance as well as Lifespan of the Solar Panels.

The products are formulated with  Energy-Effcient and NanoTechnology

having the Highest SRI value of 130, providing energy-efficient

solutions with low carbon footprints. 

Government Initiatives

Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Solar power Projects
Solar power projects can be set up anywhere in the country, however the solar power projects developed in scattered manner leads to higher project cost per MW and higher transmission losses.
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The scheme aims to add solar and other renewable capacity of 30,800 MW by 2022 with total central financial support of Rs. 34,422 Crore including service charges to the implementing agencies.
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Grid Connected Solar Roof Top Programme
To achieve a cumulative installed capacity of 40,000 MW from Grid Connected Rooftop Solar (RTS) projects.
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Tired of cleaning Solar panels and concerned about protection , click the buttom to know about Solar paints.

Certification & Recognition of StarShield


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    SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) value 130 is a measure of a roofing material’s ability to reflect sunlight and reduce the amount of heat absorbed by a roof. A value of 130 means that the roofing material reflects a high amount of sunlight and absorbs a low amount of heat, helping to reduce the temperature inside the building.

    Energy -Efficient Design :- The product are designed in such a way that it maintain the temperature of roof , glass and mirror which help in saving air conditioner cost.

    At starshield you get many options to choose from, where the technology used in this page is generally eco-friendly , and can save efficiently upto 25% of the energy.

    Our Products like Heat reflecting and coatings , floor coatings and car shield.

    These paints and coatings are specially designed with Nano Technology, having special pigments of high reflectivity and low emissivity, to reflect more sunlight and reduce the amount of heat absorbed by buildings, which results in lower energy consumption and reduced costs for Air Conditioning and Heating.

    Most Heat Reflective paints and coatings are made with environmentally friendly materials with low VOC and do not contain harmful chemicals StarShield excels in providing Greenpro certified Eco-friendly products to the customers that reduces indoor pollution.

    Energy saving can be calculated using by comparing the Electricity bill before and after the product installation.

    National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE) under NAPCC

    is the program used by the government to ehance the energy saving in ecomical zone as well as residential area.

    Saving Energy in business is a key which should be cracked  inorder to maximise the efficiency, using our products will help business to save upto 25% of the overall energy consumed. 

    We provide the Energy auditor and professional to help you in getting clear views , about our product and help you in choosing the best Fit for you.

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