About Us

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StarShield Technologies Pvt Ltd has been started by people from Education backgrounds & with a vision to provide solutions in the field of common problems that we are facing in day-to-day life with the help of chemistry, micro-biology & nano-materials. Visit www.starshieldpaints.com to know more.

Our Mission

StarShield aims at enriching people’s lives by solving the problems caused by heat, water & dust in the domain of paints and coating and contributing to the global environment by reducing carbon footprint through its eco-friendly products.

Our Vision

StarShield Technologies, a reliable name in Smart Paints and Coating, commenced by the visionary people having prior experiance, has succeeded in creating solution to the most critical & day to day problems related to Paints & Coating 

Our Background

With the sheer goal of excellence we have been toiling hard in the domain of Research and development. Prior to the formal establishment of the company we had been serving various groups through our innovative ideas and technology. Over a period of time we realized that we can use our potential and serve the society at large. With this sublime vision we formally registered Star Shield in 2015.

What makes us different


High spirit to manufacture innovative products that could be beyond imagination.

Unique Products

Uniqueness of our products that win the hearts of our customers by solving several industrial, and general issues.

Value driven

We work with a value driven approach that creates a positive aura for the  organization and society at large.

True service to society

The ultimate goal of our company is to serve humanity and society as a whole through its eco-friendly products which reduce carbon footprints.

Enhanced Customer satisfaction

Over a short span of time, Starshield has witnessed rapid growth at international level due to its dedicated service to customer satisfaction.

Exponential Growth

Since the inception of Star shield we have been receiving positive and motivating feedback which inspired us to advance further in solving day to day life problems through paints and coatings.

  • 3-4 Products in 2015
  • 70+ Products at present
  • International brand within 6 years

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From the desk of founder

Supreet Singh

With the clear vision of serving my society through a distinguished yet ignored division ‘Paints and coatings’ I strive to bring positive transmission in the lives of people by offering Cost reduction and numerous performance benefits through the company products encompassing the blend of advanced technology and nano materials….

Our Team

Our team includes enthusiasts who have a keen interest and passion to add novelty to products to make them unique and most effective in terms of both utility and appearance. With the diversified background of our strong and vast team, the company is progressing towards remarkable recognition. 



Dedication, innovation, continuity & integration are the keywords that led our scientists to discover the state-of-the-art technology range aids in declining carbon footprints. Together we formulate easy to apply DIY kits following diversified speculation clubbed with eminent training criticizing local issues.

The main agenda of our team is to provide a durable advantage & unique solution with cost-effectiveness & an environment-friendly range focussing on the newest Nano Technology contributing to reducing carbon footprints from the atmosphere.